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Miniature laser projectors

פרוייקט הנדסת מיזעור מארז  אלקטרואופטי

Miniature holographic projector for cell phone (ext. optical design)

פרוייקט מיזעור מקרן לייזר סלולארי

 Virtual Keyboard in a cell phone

הנדסת רכיבי אופטיקה פלסטית מוזרקת

Aspheric line generation element for assembly on a laser diode (External optical design)



CSTM has gathered much experience in development of diode laser based devices. The project described hereafter, describes the development of  two tiny laser diode projectors, for installation in cell phones.

In terms of housing - the project called for the design of  injection molded aspheric elements.  The housing of the elements onto the diodes required precision and long term stability so that there would be no significant shift in the projection image due to mechanical creep which occurs with changes in ambient temperature. These requirements are equivalent to a stability level of about 5 microns in a 0-40oC range.
 In addition, the assembly was required to be ruggedized in order to withstand shock and vibration conditions.
Developing a housing process required the construction of dedicated assembly jigs, and the development of special adhesive with superior adhesion to both metal and plastic, low CTE and high tensile strength.
Two laser projectors were developed in the course of the project: The first - A line generator with a custom intensity profile in which a 90mW/785nm laser diode was used. The second - A holographic projector with a 3mmX3mm DOE and a 10mW/635nm laser diode. Both projectors had a single injected element with two aspheric surfaces, and were matched to a 5.6mm diode package.

 In this project, the concept, the specification and realization of the assembly jigs was done  by the CSTM. The optical design was done by an external optical designer using ASAP software. The production was done by a European manufacturer. The complexity of the project was such, that it consisted of the design and realization of injected parts, custom active alignment jigs for quality bonding, and an assembly process development.

The project required an integrated work against several factors simultaneously, and got to the stage of a working prototype within a very short while of 10 weeks. The initial prototypes were integrated in cell phones and exhibited at the CeBit show. 



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