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Shooting training system

תכנון ומימוש פרוייקטים דגמים אלקטרו-אופטיים


A personal pistol training system based on a laser beam gun and an electronic target, for improving shooting techniques. The system collects information on the location and timing of every hit, and allows the user to follow the development of his shooting skills, on a daily basis. The system was developed with an  approach of enabling every predefined surface to become an electronic target. The system was realizaed as a technology demonstrator proof-of-concept prototype.


• Every hit of the firing pin releases a collimated infrared laser pulse.
• Sub caliber stand alone laser assembly
• Control the laser pulse length
• A Li-Ion battery integrated into the pistol
• Carrying box with an internal lithium - ion battery charger
• Transfer of hit coordinate to a PDA or a PC.
• Targets:
    - Static (as in picture above) - suitable configuration
    - Dynamic - Computer Screen












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