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מקרן ווידאו לייזר דינאמי  MEMS

הנדסה מכאנואופטית  בפרוייקט הקרנה אלקטרואופטי

פיתוח מכאנואופטי  בפרוייקט הקרנת לייזר








CSTM has planned and carried out  the Optomechanics and housing of a dynamic projection touch pad which included a tilted video laser projector.

The project took place as part of a technology demonstration project  which was a joint effort of Lumio Inc and the European Union.

The system was comprised of:
• a dual axis MEMS component driving a scanning mirror
• a red diode laser collimator that produces a narrow focusable beam
• a sensing device for detecting and mapping a click event
• several PCB circuits
The demonstrated technology was of an optically projected touch table - in which it was required to:
a. Have the screening of the video done by a modulated scanning laser beam
b. Identify and respond to a click upon the projected video image
CSTM's scope of work included:
• modeling the system, including ray-tracing of the projector and sensor assemblies
• Designing of the Opto-mechanics and the housing
• Manufacturing and  integration

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