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Therapeutic bed

פרוייקט מדיקאל לפיתוח מיטה טיפולית
Movie: Cycling therapeutic bed




תכנון פיתוח ומימוש מוצרים רפואיים

PID controlled movement - in a range of positive to negative tilt angles


תכנון מכונות מקצועי בפרוייקט מדיקאל

Bed actuation controlled by the therapist - safe and backlash free


תכנון וביצוע פרוייקטי הנדסה רפואית

Monitor changing colors - ancored to the bed (moves with the patient)


 Medical cycling therapeutic Bed

CSTM R & D Solutions has designed and successfully realized for "New Heart Solutions",  a dedicated facility to assist in lowering blood pressure. During this medical project, CSTM has developed a controlled therapeutic bed that performs cycling tilt actuation and provides physiological stimulation. The control could be carried in either open loop or close loop.

This system is designed for clinics, and enters a category of Cardiovascular Therapy Devices to treat blood pressure, same category as Biofeedback systems for home use.

The therapeutic bed developed (described in USP application US2008 \ 0306563-A1, allows to control the venous blood circulation and heart rate, and thus can treat blood pressure without assisting medication. As in Biofeedback systems, the treatment helps train the patient to reduce his blood pressure.

During the course of the treatment, which can take about 30 minutes,  the patient is laid on the treatment bed and undergoes tilt cycles up - down, from negative tilt angles (feet up) to positive tilt angles (bringing the body near seating). The process undergoes  while providing different stimuli, such as: colorful backgrounds on the video screen, sounds, heating of the limbs, suction and decompression (of the neck). The bed is computer controlled so that the entire treatment is preset by the physician.

CSTM took responsibility for the entire project from the primary definition, the concept, design, realization, integration and delivery to the customer. During the project CSTM was required to come up with creative engineering solutions in various fields, such as:
• Actuation system - reliable and safe
• PID control system that can handle variable load conditions
• Controlled video system to display alternating colors
• Heating and cooling body mass
• Quieting the actuation system
• A detachable control interface to load treatment procedures by the physician


According to the inventor, the uniqueness in the therapeutic bed developed in relation to similar beds (for example USP 3,765,406) and other treatment methods is:
a. It carries a combined therapy, by working simultaneously on a number of factors affecting blood pressure, by external physiological means only (no medication)
b. It can be used for both treatment and for training the patient to increase or decrease his blood pressure.
c. The treatment is supposed to create a positive long-term effect in addition to the beneficial short-term effect.
d. It has advantages in improving blood flow and metabolism in the patient' peripheral system.


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