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A MEMS circuit tester


תכנון מכאניזם  צ'אק  דפינה מדוייק


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The Optical bench: Laser on top, chuck at the bottom


The enclosed tester. Chuck seen in a loaded mode. Front door closes during test

 פיתוח הנדסי מכניקת דפינה מדוייקת

The chuck contains a sophisticated mechanism for absolute positioning of the MEMS circuit. Designed for submicron repeatability.



CSTM R&D Solution has developed a custom test jig designed for an in-line QC test of a MEMS element mounted upon a PCB. Once the DUT (Device Under Test) was mounted upon the test jig, it was to pass a test procedure at several different work modes.
The main challenge in this project was achieving high placement repeatability of the circuit. The custom "Chuck" (a DUT mounting mechanism) realized in the course of this project was based on a principle of eliminating to zero all clamping tolerances. In practice, the chuck's mechanism was realized as a combination of guides and springs, forcing the circuit to settle precisely at the very same location.

The system requirements were:
a. load mode: which enables a quick mount & release of the circuit
b. lock mode: which enables placement repeatability (in a clean room) that is better than 1micron, relative to the chuck's anchoring points.
c. 3D manual calibration setup: realizaed  by using an XYTz stage, which enables to align the position of the DUT with reference to a fixed laser beam.
CSTM's scope of work included:
a concept stage, optical ray tracing, design the chuck, design the entire apparatus around an optical bench, enclosure design, manufacturing, integration and delivery of documentation.


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