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3D laser projector

The prototype (on the table) relative to a user



 פיתוח אלקטרואופטי למקרן תמונה תלת מימדי
3D projector has two video channels that show the same scene from two angles

 פיתוח משקפי תלת מימד יעודיים
Special goggles to optimize the viewing experience.



CSTM R&D Solutions has developed for the inventor Amir Alon, an Electro-Optical  prototype demonstrating a personal holographic projector with low power consumption and high efficiency. The Opthalmic system for which an international patent was filed (pending) directs two laser beams towards the eyes of the viewer, and generates in his eyes a video image. Each eye receives a video taken  from another angle so that the overall sensation is that of a 3D video

The project which ended successfully, included the following steps:
• Proof of concept
• Prototyping of the concept for evaluation
• Concept correction according to the results of the evaluation
• A lab setup with satisfactory results
• Detailed design of the demo unit
• Realization of the demo unit

The system has several advantages relative to the currently available 3D projection goggles:
a. It does not require any diopter correction, and is therefore suitable for short sighted or long sighted people.
b. It's very low power consumption if a perfect match for mobile phones.
c. It's Wireless - no external processing unit is needed.

The vision of a future smart mobile phone which enables full duplex 3D direct interaction, is a quantum leap compared to today's devices. Our project has shown that it can actually be done by adding a miniature detection technology to  a miniature low power 3D personal projector. Further developing the technology will no doubt have numerous exciting applications for both communication and virtual reality. 















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