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A jitter mix workstation


פיתוח מכניזם עמדת ערבוב תהליכית

A jitter mix mechanism - includes two open loop stepper motors. Generates a jerky movement regime, which ends the mixing process in a short time.


מכניזם ז'נבה  בפיתוח עמדה תהליכית
The mass mixing drive mechanism includes a four station Geneva mechanism





A custom jitter mix workstation





CSTM R&D Solutions has developed a jitter mix processing workstation for rapid mixing of a flaky substance.
The system requirements were:
a. External mixing is required. Use of a mixing element immersed in the substance is not permitted.
b. Substance may include flakes of different materials sizes and specific weights
c. At the end of the mixing process, the flaky substance is required to be distributed homogeneously.
d. Parameters of the mixing regime (such as: frequencies, amplitudes, durations) are to be programmed by the user
e. Mixing time should be minimized

The development work included:
• Concept stage - way to use two synchronized stepper motors
• System design - especially the drive mechanism which gives the desired output
• Detailed design - design and program a dedicated motion controller for controlling two synchronized steppers
• Realization of the system - manufacturing, integration


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