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A flange for inert dosing

פיתוח עמדת עבודה ייעודית לממנן

Raw material barrel for  the inert flange


פיתוח אוגן למערכת מינון תהליכית

An immersion element for monitoring and warning - combined with a flange.





A flange for inert dosing


Low pressure storing
Dosing of a sensitive raw material may require dedicated storing arrangements that maintain a low positive pressure of some inert gas inside the supply container and its tubing. Such arrangements may require the monitoring of pressure and raw material reserve. 
In general there are two reasons for taking such a measure:
a) When a raw material is sensitive to some undesired reaction with air gases (oxide, carbon dioxide, humidity) or to airborne microorganisms (bio-technology)
b) When residues of air left in the container from a previous use may cause problems in a future process after refill.
This problem is common in various production lines, which combine dosing. When the raw material is a volatile (fuming) explosive or a volatile toxic, the container is kept in a special safety chamber.


A flange for inert dosing
CSTM has developed a flange dedicated to work in an explosive environment. The flange was to be connected to a barrel containing a liquid chemical requiring an inert atmosphere. The goal was to get from the barrel an input feed into a doser. The developed flange was connected to a source of clean Nitrogen and keeps a gas pressure of 1.5 atmospheres in the barrel. Any volume of chemical leaving the barrel is replaced by clean Nitrogen. The flange protects against high Nitrogen pressure and against the return of fumes from the liquid up-flow towards the Nitrogen source.
The flange is coupled to a dual float that is connected to a micro-controller based control PCB that operates warning lights and an alarm. The control PCB keeps constant track of the amount of material in the barrel,  and alerts before the end of the material.  The flange has a hard protective cover that prevents it from getting damaged during barrel transport.

פיתוח מעגל בקר אלקטרוני ייעודי

Micro-controller based control PCB

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