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פיתוח מערכת אלקטרונית מבוססת מיקרוקונטרולר  

Greenhouse climate control

An electronic controller that triggers fogger units  in a greenhouse cooling system.
The system measures the water vapor content in the greenhouse by sampling temp and relative humidity sensors, and switches the  operation of eight terminal units:
• main water valve
• air recirculation system
• six fogger valves
The system is programmed directly from the operating interface. The DUTY CYCLE for each of the terminals may be individually programmed. In addition, the software also allows operation of two separate valve groups (the fogger units are divided into two groups with identical operating characteristics)
The controller is designed for long term durability for such environmental conditions present in greenhouses (direct sun, extreme humidity and heat conditions during the year) 

פיתוח בקרי קרור והשקיה חקלאיים  

A field feed controller

A high end electronic controller which is designed to control up to 32 irrigation valves, two fertilizer supply valves  and two main watering valves. All valves may be AC or DC.  The system has four sensor inputs that monitor agricultural parameters in the field, that are monitored to enable\disable  the feed depending on a pre-programmed procedure. The system can be programmed to 50 different feed programs which control the amount of fertilizer and water supplied to the field and the feed duration.
The system is designed to directly connect to the power grid and includes a built-in battery and a charger. Programming the controller is done via the front panel or by a PC interface. In addition, it is possible to enable\disable and program  the entire system through the cellular network.  The controller is intended to stand in the field near the fertilizer tanks - and is therefore designed for durability under environmental conditions of sun and rain and extreme temperature changes.

פיתוח כרטיסי אלקטרוניקה מבוססי מיקרוקונטרולר  

A Lighting controller

A linear controller PCB, for professional  photography.  The device which is used for illumination control, drives LED illuminators and enables precise adjustment and repeatability of the illumination conditions. The controller can drive two separate  groups of LED illuminators (to illuminate an object from different angles) and includes an LCD monitor showing the percentage of the luminous output relative to its upper limit.

פיתוח וזיווד מוצרי צריכה אלקטרוניים  

Special MP3 Player

An MP3 player that allows to time the playback of a specific music selection to a desired date\hour and for a defined duration, according to a pre-programmed schedule.
The player accepts a memory card preloaded with the music selection, and includes a user interface with a keypad and a small LCD screen for programming. The player has two controllable internal speakers in addition to a standard audio output stereo jack.
This MP3 player is used in institutions (entertainment halls, hotel lobbies etc.) and as a ringtone scheduler for educational institutions.

פיתוח גששים אלקטרוניים ואלקטרואופטיים יעודיים  

Climate sensors

These sensors are designed to be durable to agricultural environmental conditions: sun, heat , cold, humidity and moisture at levels present in  greenhouses and poultry facilities throughout the year. The sensors are able to provide data on relative humidity (RH) and temperature (T) through a cable length of up to 50 meters. Multiple such sensors are deployed within the facility's inner space and deliver their data to a dedicated climate control system.

פיתוח אלקטרוניקה לאיסוף ואגירת נתונים  

GPS DAC & Control

A PCB for control and data acquisition from a  GPS module. The PCB samples the GPS unit, stores relevant location and time stamp data (in a large memory) and allows data discharge by RS-232. The PCB has several I/O ports to control peripheral assemblies (depending on the GPS data), and was designed for minimal power consumption when active.

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