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CSTM R&D Solutions LTD,  established at 2000, for the aim of supplying engineering  services to Startup and R&D companies in the Israeli market. The two founders Yachin Yarchi - a mechanical Engineer and Yuval Sharon - an electro-optics engineer, bring with them extensive experience of many years in the industry in both engineering and project management projects. The experience accumulated in CSTM is mainly in running multi-disciplinary projects that include electro-optics mechanics and electronics


CSTM LTD, undertakes projects in three major fields:

a) Test and processing equipment - custom parametric testers
b) Prototype and product development - expertise in electro-optical products
c) Micro and macro packaging - electronic packaging and optic packaging









The company has carried projects in a various fields, such as: Micro-projectors, retinal projectors, detection systems, custom test equipment, Shooting simulators, assembly jigs, packaging of electronics and optics, Medical equipment, manufacturing tools, lighting equipment, photography settings.
The company has the ability to undertake an entire project at turnkey conditions and run it end to end - from the definition stage through the prototyping stage and up to the manufacturing stage.




ס'.אס.טי.אם הנדסה אלקטרוניקה מכניקה אופטיקה  
Structured mode of work
CSTM runs its projects in a structured manner ... >>
ס'.אס.טי.אם הנדסה אלקטרוניקה מכניקה אופטיקה  
About the capacity
The company has gathered experience in multi-disciplinary arenas, that enable it to come with solutions that are "out of the box" ... >>
ס'.אס.טי.אם הנדסה אלקטרוניקה מכניקה אופטיקה  
About the team
CSTM has an experienced team supporting  R&D projects for several decades ... >>
ס'.אס.טי.אם הנדסה אלקטרוניקה מכניקה אופטיקה  
CSTM has an experienced CSTM LTD is an engineering company that services the industry since 2000 ... >>


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