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       מהנדס מכאניקה מקצועי ומנוסה פרילאנסר            

Yachin Yarchi - CEO

Mr. Yarchi has gathered extensive experience while working as a mechanical engineer and a project manager in the Israeli industry.  Mr. Yarchi has been involved in many projects of different nature  and specializes in several  diverse mechanical fields: motion, machine design, tooling, mechano-optics and packaging. Mr. Yarchi has delivered  numerous  projects such as: work benches for clean rooms, for production lines  and for hazardous environment, custom test equipment, automatic machines for polishing gem stones, accurate metering devices, cleaning stations, place & bond  stations, micro component packaging, electronic packaging and more...

Yachin in part of the staff of the Mechanical engineering department in the Jerusalem academic college of engineering - Azrieli.
Mr. Yarchi holds a B.Sc. degree (1988) in Mechanical engineering from Ben Gurion university.

 מהנדס פיתוח אלקטרו אופטיקה מנוסה  

Yuval Sharon - CTO

Mr. Sharon began his career in 1983 as an Optical engineer and has since filled positions of an experimentalist, designer, project manager and R&D manager.  Mr. Sharon has experience in applying various kinds of light sources and detectors, in optical design and realization of optical components (glass, plastic), in QA engineering and in failure analysis. Mr. Sharon specializes in design and manufacture of custom parametric testers, and has delivered such devices as: MTF testers, boresight tester for cameras, a test bench for screening diffractive optical elements, a GoNoGo tester for in-process screening of injection molded optics, and more ...
Mr. Sharon holds an M.Sc. degree in applied physics (1992) from the Hebrew university and a B.Sc degree in Electro-Optics (1984) from the Jerusalem College of Technology.

 מהנדס פיתוח אלקטרוניקה מקצועי ומנוסה  

Amiram Levi - Engineering Manager

Mr. Levi is a gifted electronic engineer with over 45 years of experience in electronics. Mr. Levi  is proficient in  both analog and digital electronics, and is able to undertake complex and highly demanding electronic projects, leading them through the early stages of system architecture and circuit definition, onto the design stage to completion. 
Mr. Levi specializes in RF transmission and control, and has delivered such products as: RF Transmitters,  IR transmitters, video systems, audio systems, wireless control systems, and more ...
Mr. Levi holds a B.Sc. degree (1972) in electronic engineering from the Technion institute of technology


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