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Development of testers, calibration and metering jigs

1.   Repeatability tester -Accurate PCB clamping enables mounted MEMS repeatability measurement

2.   Copper line RF resistance tester - four point probe resistance measurement at RF frequency

3.   In process testing of injected lenses - screens out lenses according to their focal point intensity

4.   Camera final tester - characterizes an assembled line camera using several parameters

5.   Lens centration tester - indicates the symmetry level of a lens

6.   DOE QC tester - specification of a parametric test device for approval of replicated DOE

7.  Bulk color tester - an optronic device for color measurement of minerals

8.   Scratch and Dig tester  - an optronic system for quality control of polished surfaces

9.   Symmetry tester of a collimated beam - measures the shift of the profile peak from the OA

10. Wafer planarity tester- a device for measuring wafer thickness profile

11. Capacitance tester for SMD capacitors - a capacitance testing system that can carry 5000 tests/min

12. Window MTF tester - MTF calculation from acquired LSF of a focused  collimated beam passing the window

13. Manipulation jig - active alignment of two surfaces with respect to one another using 5 DFs: XYαβγ

14. Holographic projector bonding jig - enables active alignment in XYZø while bonding a DOE to a PD

15. Bonding stability test jig - enables drift investigation due to the curing\annealing of bonded optics

16. Line generator active alignment bonding jig  - enables to calibrate XYZø during a UV bonding process

17. Line camera active alignment bonding jig - enables to calibrate XYø + focus during UV bonding

18. Orientation detector calibration jig - 1m diameter target with a 0.5mm light source position tolerance

19. Collimator beam alignment jig - manipulates XYZαβ to control of the beam's divergence and OA shift




Development of products and prototypes

1.   Gateway switch - A consumer electronic product which transforms a line phone to an internet phone

2.   A rocking treatment bed - exposes patient to temp\light\tilt variationsin order to reduce blood pressure

3.   Dynamic postural chair -Force augmenting mechanism which enables independency for handicapped

4.   Equipment protector - a safety electronic product which gives additional protection to electrical devices

5.   Multi assembly enclosure -Efficient packaging of a modular fiber communication system

6.  Failure investigation of a thermal camera - to improve robustness of temperature measurements

7.   Failure investigationof an injection molding process - to optimize yield of injection process

8.   Virtual keyboard - capturing flashes from typing fingers which crossa fan of light close to the table

9.   Pathogen diagnostic system - cost reduction of a microscope camera system

10. Aspheric  telephoto collimator - design and realization of a compact athermal  fiber collimator

11. Low cost reflex sights - design of sight optics for 8o-27o FOV

12. Plastic lenses for a line camera - design of an aspheric lens and a toroidal lens for a line camera

13. Retinal stereo projector - development of an optical device which projects directly to the eyes from afar

14. Imagery via a beam splitting window - a system capable of side capturing the image of a dose meter

15. Customized fiber adaptor - design of a FC-APC patch cable adaptor optimized for a specific fiber

16. Water quality tester -a temperature stabilized UV spectroscope

17. Cost reduction of a DOE projector - an injected integrated element (lens, hologram) for bonding

18. Cost reduction of a line generator - realization of an injected integrated element (lens, LG) for bonding

19. Table top laser video projector - realization of opto-mechanics for a monochrome MEMS projector

20. Improvement of a video projector engine - elimination of speckles in a video projector

21. Microscope fluorescence objective - design of a low-cost objective for a flow cytometry system

22. Pistol training system -  Design and realization of a personal training system for shooters

23. Stabilization of a shooting system - design and realization of a tripod for snipers

23. Telescopic system - Design of a widefield lightweight mirror telescope

24. UV illumination combiner for a microscope - Design and realization of a 3 channel illumination system


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